Dating and Writing

I had this epiphany a few days ago that I cannot seem to get off of my mind.

For me, writing is exactly like dating.

First of all, both writing and dating typically tend to happen when you least expect them to. As I have stated multiple times over the past year, I had NO idea that anyone would actually read what I had to say when I wrote my first (or even second or third) blog post. I wrote my first blog post on a whim to vent about a bad date that I experienced a week after yet another heartbreak from one of my ex boyfriends. I thought that writing about what I was feeling might bring me some sort of relief… and it did. Venting about the events that occurred in my life that week and putting a humorous (yet truthful) spin on them did bring me a lot of peace and some much needed closure. However, I was not expecting the overwhelming response and warmth I received from writing that blog post… Much like I didn’t expect 99.9% of the relationships I have had in the past to blossom into the long term relationships that they did. They all started out as random, casual, possibly rebound relationships, and then somehow they flourished into something I never expected.

Secondly, once the relationship (or blog) attain a tiny bit of interest and begin to bloom, everything about them is so fun and whimsical. It sparks curiosity and maybe a little bit of infatuation. You become excited waiting for the next text message to be composed (or the perfect blog post to come to mind.) You can’t wait to see the new person who gives you butterflies (or sit down and write the next blog post that you’ve been thinking about for a week.) Everything about the person you’re dating (or the blog post you’re writing) is wonderful and interesting, Maybe you even spend a few moments of your spare time investigating your new love interest (or researching information for the post you can’t wait to write) because you are so fascinated and intrigued by them. You have all these dreams and aspirations as to where the relationship (or next blog post) may take you.

Then the longer you date (or write) it all gets muddled and complicated. The person you’re seeing starts trying to change you (or people attempt to influence the way you write or what you write about) and they demand more and more from the relationship (or your writing) until eventually you become so annoyed with the person (or your writing) that all you want to do is break up.

Just like relationships come and go, so does writing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to capitalize on this blog for as long as possible because I still have a story or two to tell all of you, but the similarities between writing and dating are uncanny. All good things come to an end and eventually, so will this blog. Not quiet yet, but I can’t help but wonder when that time will come or what will be the reason for concluding this blog and closing this chapter in my life. Also, once I conclude this blog and close this chapter, what’s next for me and all of my readers as well?



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