Ask Ally (Q and A Week 17)

Hello everyone! I’ve missed all of you!

Once again, you guys asked me questions that I am probably not qualified to answer, but as always, I’m going to go ahead and answer them anyway. 🙂

Q: Where have you been? Did you “relapse?”

A: Nah, homies, nah.

I’m so sorry. I’ve just been busy with the holidays. I’ve been trying to excel at everything in life such as motherhood and work (and I’ve still been failing miserably, by the way) but I’ve been trying!

Give me a week to catch up on my life and I promise the posts will start flowing again.

*makes a pinky promise with each and every one of you individually that I will blog regularly*

(Also, if you are a new reader to my blog, Welcome! I am not a drug addict nor am I an alcoholic… not that I judge anyone who is or is recovering…  But please see my post “Addicted” to find out what my personal addiction is and what I would have “relapsed” on)

Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: The best advice I’ve ever received in my entire life came when I received an Apple TV for my birthday seven months ago. When I first received it, my sister-in-law told me to download the Apple TV remote app to my phone just in case I ever misplaced my Apple TV remote. I didn’t think that much of this particular piece of advice at the time because I’m not a huge fan of 1) listening or taking direction from anyone and 2) being responsible in general. However, against my better judgement I downloaded the app anyway because I know that my sister-in-law is a little bit crazy like I am and I figured that if she were giving me this advice, it might come in handy later since she and I have a similar personalities (on some stuff.)

I just want to go on the record and state that if my double major, master degree parents/older brother/older sister ever want to give me advice on anything in my life, I completely ignore it.


Yeah. You heard me. My family is EDUCATED AF (minus me) yet I still insist on ignoring every piece of advice they ever give me.

I’m seriously not even joking.

HOWEVER, my sister-in-law (who only has a high school diploma) can sing every single lyric to the Blackout album by Britney Spears, which is all I need to know to trust in taking advice from her. So obviously every single thing she says to me is BIBLE. 

Fast forward to seven months after my birthday when I received my Apple TV…

The advice from my sister-in-law came in handy two weeks ago when I “misplaced” (aka I’m sure one of my kids hid/lost) my tiny little Apple TV remote.

I still to this day cannot find my damn Apple TV remote.

In the mean time, I have been living through the Apple TV remote app on my iPhone for over two weeks. What on earth would I have done if I didn’t listen to my sister-in-law and downloaded the Apple TV remote app???? I would be so lost.

This Apple TV remote app information is so much more useful than my dad nagging me about having good credit (He manages a credit reporting company) or my older brother telling me to pay my taxes. (He’s a CPA)

I’m kidding you guys. And this time there’s no “kinda” attached. I understand and respect the importance of both your credit score and paying taxes. Your credit score is more valuable than a diamond because the value can’t be bought and also, pay your taxes or the government will find you. Come on, now. *end of my PSA*

I am beyond grateful for the advice bestowed upon me by my sister-in-law seven months ago that I reluctantly followed. Without it, I would be completely lost. I need Apple TV remote app which allows me to binge watch my trashy reality TV shows on Hulu and Netflix.

God works in mysterious ways and he does answer prayers. He really does. That’s all I’m saying. #RIPallysappletvremote

Q: What is the best Christmas gift you received?

A: The best Christmas gift that I received was the game “What do you meme?” PLUS I also received the bonus “Basic Bitch” meme pack. BOOM! FINALLY someone paid attention to my #thingsiwantforchristmas hashtag.

I’m still waiting on the “Pie in the Face” game that I’ve been hash tagging for three years. Maybe someone will get it for me for my birthday this year…. *hint hint*

I could buy it myself at Walmart for $19.99, but I’m really trying to keep the gift ideas open for my family because they always complain that I’m hard to shop for.

Q: What did you do for New Years Eve?

A: I had a lot of fun.

I was also acknowledged by a few beautiful young girls in their 20’s because they recognized me from my blog which was literally the highlight of my entire year. It’s kind of ironic that the highlight of my entire year happened on NYE… just a few minutes before the clock struck midnight.

I told them “No autographs, please!” JUST KIDDING! They didn’t ask for autographs, but I would be honored to autograph any one of any of your body parts. Well, ALMOST any one of your body parts. *looks side to side*

These adorable girls were so excited to run into me, but to be honest, I was a BILLION times more excited to meet them and have people recognize me with nothing more than my photographs and writing from my blog. A few beautiful 20-something year old girls were able to recognize this 30-something year old hag in public even though my hair is darker and shorter now than it is in any of my photographs on my blog. Which brings me to my next point…

Hey Sid… I DO look the same in person as I do online.

Suck it, Sid.

(If you don’t understand this reference, please go read my first blog entry ever, “Sid”)



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2 thoughts on “Ask Ally (Q and A Week 17)

  1. Hi ally.
    Enjoyed the read. Have been busy so havent read or wrote too much lately. Today is a good day to catch up. Will write a post shortly. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Youre one of my favs.


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