Ask Ally (Q and A Week 16)

Once again, you guys asked me questions that I am probably not qualified to answer, but as always, I’m going to go ahead and answer them anyway.

Q: You mentioned your family is religous. What are their thoughts on your blog?

A: My sister is actually a professional writer and she’s a little rebellious like myself, so she loves it. I even conned her into giving me advice on how to turn my blog into a book which I’m currently working on. She’s writing a book right now that is going to be beyond amazing. She told me about it but made me swear that I wouldn’t steal her idea. I told her that she should actually let me steal her idea because then I would do all of the leg work writing the book and she could just sue me for stealing her idea and take all the money I earned. She’d get all of the money, but then she wouldn’t have to do any of the work. She thought that idea was brilliant.

My brothers don’t say much about it. I don’t think my older brother reads it. Sometimes my little brother will read it and text me about it but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

My sister-in-law reads it and will ask me questions on behalf of her coworkers who all follow my blog too which is pretty flattering.

My mom is pretty vocal. She’ll send me screenshots and say “Love this” or “I definitely don’t like this, Allyson.” When she uses my full name, I know that I’m in trouble.

My dad never says a word about it, however, today he vocalized his disappointment in my last post. I told him I was sorry but that it’s all in good fun and for entertainment value. He’s pretty used to me disappointing him at this point so I don’t think anything I do or say really surprises him anymore. Plus I’m in my 30’s so there isn’t much he can do about it.

He still grounded me for a month over my last post though. *shrugs*

Q: What is the best thing you’ve done this year?

A: I followed Wendy’s on Twitter.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Wendy’s is SAVAGE.

Q: You still haven’t wrote about any good dates that you’ve had.

A: I know, I know.

I’ve started to write about a couple of the good dates that I’ve been on but honestly, it’s really hard. There’s not a lot of funny stuff to say about them. The posts basically say “We did this. We had fun. There was no chemistry. We never spoke again. The end” Writing about good dates is not nearly as entertaining as writing about my bad dates where a grown man curses his mother out on the phone at the table in the middle of a nice restaurant while wearing stinky gym clothes and acting like it was completely normal.

Q: After a date, how should a man follow up with a woman if he is interested in her?

A: People have all of these rules like “wait a few days before contacting her” but I don’t believe in that. If you two drove to the date separately, I think it’s nice to send a text asking if she got home safe and saying you had a nice time and would like to see her again. If you pick her up and drop her off after the date, I think it’s nice to follow up the next day saying you had fun and would like to see her again. If she likes you, she will respond to your text messages within 24 hours, probably less. Believe me. No matter how busy she may be, she will make time to text you back and let you know that she had fun as well and would like to see you again too. If you’re interested, let her know. If she doesn’t respond, let it go and move right along. There’s no point in wasting your time on someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

But then again, I’m single and my life motto is “smother them until they hate you” so please don’t ever take any of my advice.



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