Ask Ally (Q and A Week 15)

Once again you guys asked me questions that I am probably not qualified to answer, but as always, I’m going to go ahead and answer them anyway.

Q: Do you know it is actually “cease and desist” not “cease to exist?”

A: Ummmm…. yeah. I am well aware. It was a play on words. However, if you want to keep sending me snotty emails, I’ll be happy to mail you a cease and desist letter. 🙂


Q: If you’re not interested in a man, how do you decline their offer to take you out?

A: I tell them I’m celibate. That usually makes them run for the hills and solves the problem.

If by chance they still want to take me out even after I tell them that, I usually give them a chance because they are obviously extremely interested in whatever I have to offer.


Kind of. 😉

But seriously, if I’m not interested in a man, I simply tell him. Politely, of course. Just as I expect men to be honest with me (although it is very painful at times) I appreciate the fact that they don’t waste my time. However, I will say that at this point in my life, unless you’re a complete douche bag or asshole, I will usually at least give you the courtesy of a first date because we never know who you’re going to hit it off with. Most of my long term relationships started with people that I had no idea had the potential to turn into something more than one night together. To be honest, now that I am older and a little wiser, my priorities are different. I’m certainly willing to embrace people and accept their flaws just as I am hoping they will embrace and accept my flaws. I have an idea of what I’m searching for in a man, but I’m definitely not sure what my happily ever after looks like, so I’m keeping an open mind.

Q: Do you follow any other blogs? If so? What ones are your favorite?

A: I follow and read a TON of blogs. My current two favorite are:

It’s by an adorable single mother in Reno who is facing the same difficulties that I am facing in the dating world… except up in Reno instead of Las Vegas. She found my blog and it inspired her to write about her struggles so I am able to relate to so many of the issues and feelings that she writes about. Plus, she’s SO much less wordy than I am which makes them quick and easy reads unlike my entries that take four score and seven years to read and decipher because sometimes I just can’t.stop.typing. Sorry guys.

I also love a blog called:

It’s ridiculous, but if you have any sense of humor at all, you’ll get a chuckle out of it just like I do.

Q: How did Poodle get the name Poodle?

A: I feel like I need to put it on record that the name Poodle was a complete joke. 4 1/2 years ago when Poodle and I first started dating, we had the worlds most brief conversation about nicknames. I grabbed the name Poodle out of nowhere for absolutely no reason at all and jokingly told him that I was going to call him that as a pet name.

For the record, I never called him Poodle during our relationship. Not even once.

Fast forward to 3 1/2 years later when I was writing my first blog post. You guys know… my “Sid” entry. I needed to reference Poodle but I didn’t know what to call him since I only called him by his name, Boo, or Babe. I had a flashback to the conversation 3 1/2 years previously where I jokingly nicknamed him Poodle so decided to call him that. Just so it is clear, when I originally wrote my first blog post, I truly didn’t think that more than 5 people would ever read that one blog entry, and I certainly didn’t think I would be writing anymore posts. However, here I am, almost a year later still writing, and my readers have multiplied by the thousands so I am in waaaayyy too deep to change Poodle’s name now. So like it or not, he’s stuck with it. Sorry Poodle.

I’m just thankful I never got that Poodle tattoo that I contemplated. 😉

Q: What is your worst habit?

A: Do you want them in alphabetical order or order of importance?


Kinda. 😉

Oh wait. I know what my worst habit is.

I sleep eat.

Last week when I was in New York with my mom, we woke up one morning. I stretched and told my mom “Good morning.” She looked at me and snarled. I was so confused. What in the world did I do? When we went to bed, we were on good terms. I asked my mom how she slept and she replied “I was sleeping well until someone was crunching through their snacks and crumpling paper so rudely at 3:30am. It was hard to fall back asleep after that.” I looked over at my nightstand and saw a package of empty fruit snacks and burst into laughter.

I forgot to tell my mom that I have this odd little habit of sleep eating.

For the last several years I randomly have mornings where I wake up to empty string cheese wrappers, fruit snacks, or empty bowls of cereal next to my nightstand with absolutely no recollection of how they got there. There’s never any rhyme or reason as to why I sleep eat on any given night. Sometimes I will do it four nights in a row and then I won’t do it for six months. It does make it incredibly hard to diet when Asleep Ally has completely different diet motives than Awake Ally though.

I can’t stop laughing because I imagine that the scenario between my mom and I was similar to how a woman reacts to her boyfriend when she wakes up after having a dream where he cheated on her. He has no idea why she’s mad, but she’s mad over the made up scenario. It was similar to how I had no idea why my mom was so irritated with me for sleep eating and being obnoxious about it because I had absolutely no recollection of it.

Q: How was New York? 

A: New York was amazing. It truly was the trip of a lifetime that I was fortunate enough to get to experience it all with my mom. We did everything. We saw everything. We bought everything. We ate everything. I don’t know if I will ever be able to have a trip like that with my mother again. Those memories that we made will be imprinted on my heart forever and I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience that with her. It truly was the trip of a lifetime and not because of what we saw, bought, or ate, but because I was able to experience that all with her. I really am beyond lucky to have those memories with my mom. So many people do not get to experience these types of things with their parents, so it is something I will treasure forever. Not to mention, my mom is a kick ass wing man. 😉

I don’t know if I could ever live in NYC full time, but going and experiencing NYC at Christmas is something that everyone should put on their bucket list. To be able to experience NYC at Christmas at least once in your lifetime is something someone should definitely aspire to do. It is absolutely magical and there is no other way that I can describe it. I will treasure this trip for as long as I live.



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One thought on “Ask Ally (Q and A Week 15)

  1. I read insomnia girl. She is really hilarious. Im not sure what to call it but i used to sleep 10key because i used to be a cashier. I also kind of moo at my fiance if she bothers me in my sleep.


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